Photonic Processes are inefficient because the spectrum of incoming white light does not match what is best for the device.


Photonic Smart Coatings (PSC™) provide wavelength up/down conversion to improve efficiencies leading to more energy available at the optimum wavelength for the device.


Enhances digital camera light efficiency up to 10%

  • Market size: USD 75 Billion in 2023

  • CAGR: 18.3%

Enhances energy efficiency of the architectural glass up to 30%

  • Market size: USD 98.4 Billion by 2025

  • CAGR: 7.0%


Enhances energy output of solar panels up to 20%

  • Market size: USD 33.72 Billion by 2025

  • CAGR: 30.9%

Photonic Smart Coating

Multi-layered Nano-particle Coating

Multi-layered Nano-particle Coating

Patent pending PSC™

SunDensity has developed a groundbreaking Photonic Smart Coating (PSC™) technology that enables the up and down conversion of the wavelengths in white light (UV to IR) to match the desired band which can solve several in-efficiencies in photonics. By conversion of spectrum, we have developed, and field tested a patent-pending PSC™ that significantly reduces the cost of electricity generated by solar photovoltaics (PV) applications, customizes thermal and optical behavior of architectural glass, and increases the quantum efficiency of optoelectronic instruments.